Specialty Drinks & Cocktails Menu

The tropical flavors in our specialty drinks & cocktails can transport you to your favorite seaside destinations and, sometimes, to brand new ones. Try one of these signature cocktails next time you visit. You just might discover a new favorite.

Signature Cocktails

Mango Mai Tai (2 oz.)

Malibu mango rum with tropical fruit juices and sweet grenadine. 8.79

Malibu Hurricane (1.75 oz.)

Malibu coconut rum and tropical fruit juices, topped with a splash of Southern Comfort. 8.79

Top-Shelf Long Island Iced Tea (2 oz.)

A refreshing combination of spirits with a splash of Coke®. 9.49

Shrimp Caesar® (1 oz.)

Smirnoff vodka and Mott's Clamato spiced to perfection and garnished with a cocktail shrimp. 7.49

Mojito (1.25 oz.)

Bacardi Superior rum muddled with fresh squeezed lime, mint, pure cane sugar and topped with club soda. 6.99

Cape Codder (1 oz.)

A refreshing classic with vodka and a splash of cranberry. 6.49

Triple Berry Sangria (3 oz.)

A refreshing blend of red wine and blueberry, strawberry and blackberry juices with a hint of ginger. 6.99


Cosmopolitan (2 oz.)

Smirnoff Citrus Twist vodka, Patrón Citrónge, cranberry juice and fresh–squeezed lime juice. 9.79

Martini (2 oz.)

With your choice of vodka or gin, served up or on the rocks. 9.79

Chocolate Martini (2.25 oz.)

Smirnoff Vanilla vodka, Kahlúa, Baileys and Hershey's® chocolate syrup. 10.29

Caramel Appletini (2 oz.)

Absolut vodka, apple liqueur and a hint of citrus swirled with caramel. 8.99

Frozen Specialties

Bahama Mama (1.5 oz.)

A frozen blend of tropical fruit flavours mixed with Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and topped with a splash of Bacardi Black rum. 8.29

Sunset Passion Colada (1 oz.)

A classic, frozen Bacardi rum piña colada with strawberry, raspberry or peach topper. 7.99

Piña Colada (1 oz.)

A creamy, tropical blend of coconut, pineapple juice and Bacardi rum. 7.99

Alotta Colada™ (2.75 oz.)

Our extra–large, frozen piña colada served with a Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum sidecar. 10.29

Mudslide (2 oz.)

A creamy, frosty blend of Kahlúa, Baileys Irish Cream and vodka, served in a glass swirled with chocolate and topped with whipped cream. 8.79

Strawberry Daiquiri (1 oz.)

A smooth blend of sweet strawberries and mellow light rum. 7.99

Berry Mango Daiquiri (1.75 oz.)

Tropical mangoes blended with Bacardi rum and swirled with strawberries. 8.79


Grand Patrón Margarita (2.25 oz.)

Patrón Silver tequila, Patrón Citrónge and our house margarita mix. Served with a sidecar of Grand Marnier. 11.49

Perfect Patrón Margarita (1.75 oz.)

Patrón Silver tequila, Patrón Citrónge and our house margarita mix on the rocks. 10.29

Top–Shelf Margarita (2.25 oz.)

Our Sauza Gold tequila margarita served with a sidecar of Grand Marnier. Frozen or on the rocks. 9.49

Lobsterita® (2 oz.)

Our extra-large, frozen Sauza Gold tequila margarita. Traditional, strawberry or raspberry. 9.99

Classic Margarita (1.75 oz.)

With Sauza Gold tequila, served on the rocks or frozen. 8.49

Skinny Cocktails

Lighter on calories, full of flavour.

Margarita (1.75 oz.) 7.99

Long Island Iced Tea (2 oz.) 7.99

Be sure to also ask your server about our variety of premium spirits.