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Fresh seafood online is available from Red Lobster its the freshest available anywhere! Red Lobster will deliver your fresh seafood online order directly from icy ocean to your kitchen table. You'll get everything you need for a delicious seafood dinner.

Red Lobster offers fresh seafood online, recipes and more.

With our simple, interactive menus and secure encryption, it's easy and safe to order fresh seafood online. Our tender salmon fillets come straight from the cold ocean water right to your door. Or, try tasty and delectable sea scallops from the North Atlantic, out-of-shell and shipped dry with no water added. And to celebrate that truly special event, order our sweet, delectable and juicy live Maine lobsters in sizes ranging from one and a quarter pounds to six pounds.

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North Atlantic Sea Scallops
Great as an appetizer wrapped in bacon, or perfect as a main course, North Atlantic Sea Scallops are fresh from the North Atlantic ocean, out of the shell, and shipped dry with no water added. They are perfect for grilling, making a seafood stew or chowder, or to sauté in a pan. They come appx. 10-15 scallops to a pound and are extremely tender and flavorful.
Quantity : $15.90 lb.
Fresh Salmon
Fresh, tender salmon straight from the icy cold water to your table. You'll love this fish for its mild yet unique flavor profile. Salmon has a bright orange flesh and can be prepared in a variety ways. It cooks up to a delightful pink color and can be baked, broiled, poached and grilled.
Quantity : $13.90 lb.
Fresh Cod
A New England Catch! Similar to haddock, cod is a very delicate, flakey, white fish. Very popular battered and fried or broiled with your favorite seasoned bread crumbs.
Quantity : $12.00 lb.
Fresh Haddock
New England Favorite! Well known for it's ease in preparation and mild taste, haddock is a flakey, white fish slightly firmer than cod. Great with a variety of seasonings and marinades, baked or fried!
Quantity : $12.00 lb.

Our traditional New England clam bake brings the ocean right to your door. You'll receive everything you need including delectable lobster, steamer clams or Littlenecks, and stuffed quahog plus a placemat with complete instructions, claw crackers, and a reusable steamer pot.

Red Lobster purchases fresh fish from all over the world. We ship it right home, often by jet. So next time you see a plane flying overhead, it could have a very special passenger on board. Your lobster dinner.

Or for other seafood options, try ordering some of our other items. From tender salmon fillets to mouth-watering scallops and lean and meaty swordfish fillets . And best of all, we will bring them all right to your front door. Our Chef's Kitchen is always cooking up innovative, new recipes - including our famous fluffed rock tails. Find the perfect recipe to satisfy your taste buds!

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