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Indulge yourself in fresh live Maine lobsters, delivered directly to your home. From one and a quarter pounds to six pounds, our live Maine lobsters are fresh and full of flavor.

Order delicious live Maine lobsters!

From live Maine lobsters to full New England style feasts, you can be assured of premium seafood delivered "fresh to your door!" Our seafood bakes include everything you need. Delectable Maine lobsters, fresh steamer clams or Littlenecks, stuffed quahog, a reusable steamer pot, placemat, instructions on how to eat our famous crustaceans, claw crackers, picks for getting the hard to get at places and bibs.

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Red Lobster buys fresh seafood all over the world. And in the name of freshness, we ship it right home, often by jet. So next time you see a plane flying overhead, it could have a very special passenger on board. Your seafood dinner.

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You don’t have to live on the New England coastline to savor tender, fresh-from-the-ocean seafood.
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In addition to ordering seafood, you can check out our famous recipes. For even more advice from our culinary experts, visit the Chef's Kitchen for buying tips and seafood preparation guidelines. If you don't feel like cooking, go online and we will find the closest restaurant to your home or office.

Try something different and innovative from our recipe box. Take some tips from our chefs in the tips library, watch videos with famous cooking techniques, read about their adventures and find some new recipes - all at the Chef's Kitchen!

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Explore the Chef’s Kitchen section for everything you need to know about cooking seafood.

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Join the Fresh Catch Club and receive discounts and special offers exclusively via email. And for the love of seafood, you will get a little more on your table for less. You'll also be entered in the Passion Prize drawing of the month. So you could win dinner for two. Or even fresh seafood brought right to your door. And who doesn't want the ocean closer to home?

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